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Broden Your Life with Heybike - Valencia David

Living in Florida, and enjoying e-bike riding, the Polarnaebike M4 e-bike became part of Steve and his family's life.

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Set out Your Trip with Polarnaebike M4- Justin and Markel

As RV travelers, Jerry and Denise love to ride bikes and hike on their trails but were bothered by easily getting exhausted, especially in the heat, when riding traditional bikes.

"Rehab is monotonous, golfing isn't, bicycling isn't." - LaRose Glenn | Why Polarnaebike

In this episode, we interviewed Clifford Woolfork in Dayton, Ohio. He survived from stroke, and for a better recovery, he combined golf and e-bike riding in his rehab program. Amazingly, it worked, and he recovered via the method he loves!